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‘Boys!’: Bronze Avery Keeps His Queer-Pop Streak Going Strong With Relatable Ode!

Boys like, boys like Bronze Avery just get it.

Merely five months after releasing his impressive debut Retrospect EP (It’s still all about “Messy“), the multi-talented pop mega-babe is already back at it with something brand spankin’ new: “Boys!,” co-penned with Gabe Reali and produced/mixed by Bronze himself.

As the title suggests, “Boys!” is indeed about boys. You know when you hear a song, and the lyrics speak to you so much that you’re like “oh wow, I feel very attacked.” Or maybe you don’t do that, I don’t know your life.

In any case, Bronze‘s just supplied one of those lyrical gems with the instantly replayable and refreshing “Boys!,” an ode to the “euphoric highs and tragic lows of dating,” which any gay boy can relate to. It’s “something everyone goes through but ultimately enjoys, even when it’s tough,” Bronze told Gay Times.

It’s something ’bout boys/ it’s something ’bout boys/ it’s something ’bout pushing me in and pulling me back/ my intuition’s under attack by boys/ by boys…/ by boys…,” Bronze croons atop the bouncy pulsations and warm waves of synths.

If the song wasn’t enough, there’s already an accompanying video for the summer-ready throbber and—lo and behold—it’s equally amazing. The taste is just off the charts. It’s time the world started paying attention to Bronze Avery, period.

Stream Bronze Avery’s latest single “Boys!” on all streaming services now!

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