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‘Claws’: Charli XCX Keeps Making Excellent Pop While In Quarantine!

Charli XCX is at it again and we should be very grateful for it.

Merely seven months after releasing her long, long, long-awaited third studio album Charli (which remains one of the best records of 2019), the unstoppable pop mega-babe is already pushing forward with its official follow-up: how i’m feeling now, which is being written, recorded and released while in quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s a “do-it-yourself” collaborative process. The album, which is set to be released in full on May 15th, is inviting collaboration in a new way, welcoming fans to give feedback on every aspect of the record; from contributing to videos, to songwriting choices, to single selection and more.

Following on from a poll hosted by Charli, today (April 23) she unveils “claws,” the Angel-selected second single following “forever.”

Unlike “forever,” “claws” – produced by Dylan Brady of 100 gecs – sees Charli in a more chipper state, dipping her toes into a more lush candy-coated, pop soundscape packed with PC Music-sculpted slabs of metallic sounds before the track transforms into a fiercely frantic ’90s Euro-club stormer. “I like-I like-I like-I like-I like everything about you…,” Charli chants.

Just like the best gems found on her Pop 2 mixtape, it’s short, sharp and thrillingly unhinged.

It’s hard to stay motivated and inspired creatively during this very uncertain time, so I gotta applaud Charli and her collaborators/fans for keeping it going with this impressive stream of consciousness. I’m very much looking forward to how i’m feeling now.

Charli XCX’s “claws” is available to stream on all streaming services now!

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