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FHAT Ride Through Troubled Times On Smooth New Single, ‘WAVES’!

Riding the “WAVES” together…

FHAT is one of the acts who have decided to go ahead with delivering the right kind of musical messaging in this most uncertain time.

The talented Queer Berlin-based duo, who’ve been going strong together for nearly three years since the release of their impressive debut single “Pressure,” have just put out a much-welcomed song for the moment: “Waves,” a smooth and slow-burning lo-fi R&B groove that doubles as a reminder to put less pressure on yourself through life’s many ups and downs.

“You’ve got to ride those waves in life,” Aaron Pfeiffer and Sedric said is a statement. “Since we started the FHAT project it has been a rollercoaster. From financial struggles to boy problems, it’s been rocky. ‘Waves‘ is a story about that journey and to always know that better days will come. Life can be unpredictable as we have seen in 2020 and you got to be ready to surf! Being a full-time artist is a constant battle and this song is a hopeful jam to keep us going.”

Aside from it’s reassuring message, the song offers up some particularly strong melodies from the duo — those “up and down like wave, wave” chants are a major earworm — resulting in some rather soothing musical medicine for all of us. We thank you FHAT!

FHAT’s new single “WAVES” is available to stream everywhere now!

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