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CHAV Serves Up A Satisfying Pop Fantasy With New Single, ‘Fashion Ho’!

I haven’t properly written about CHAV yet, although they’ve been included on at least two or more of my Billboard Pride playlists over the past year. So, let’s change that.

The (newly) Los Angeles-based artist and musician makes punchy, propulsive pop armed with slick hooks, stomping beats and thrillingly unhinged lyricism. CHAV is the kind of artist that is looking to push pop forward with their fearless experimentation – they seem to “get it” more than most when it comes to what’s legitimately cutting-edge, as opposed to what’s just hot and trendy in the moment ā€“ an important distinction.

Today, CHAV has brought out “Fashion Ho,” the second single following “London, Baby from their forthcoming TOTALLY EP ā€” and it’s yet another stellar example of their future-pop agenda. It’s a bit of frenetic, ’90s bubblegum pop-meets-PC Music-sculpted slabs of electronic sounds, resulting in a sassy bass-bumping house party anthem, crafted alongside Brett Castro and Eric Trudel.

It’s straight-up candy-coated fun and irresistibly carefree. Just the kind of tune we need right now. Music sluts across the world, put on your dancing shoes: CHAV‘s taking us to the fashion ball!

CHAV’s new single is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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