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‘Daydream’ & ‘Lost Angeles’: The Aces Continue To Do The Girl Group Thing Right With New Era!

The Aces are back!

The band from Utah, if you’ll recall from when I introduced them back in 2016, is an all-female quartet – consisting of Cristal Ramirez, McKenna Petty, Katie Henderson and Alisa Ramirez – who’s debut single, “Stuck,” remains to be one of the more impressive kick offs from a pop act I’ve ever heard.

Two years after making their mark with their stellar debut album When My Heart Felt Volcanic, the ladies finally made their return with “Daydream” last month. Yes, a very timely gem all about the difficulties of being away from a loved one… something most of us can relate to at this time.

Daydream about me/ and I know that you hate the nights without me/ baby I hate ’em too/ but you know but you know but you know/ I’m comin back to you…,” the girls assure across the mesmerizing, swirl of warm summertime beats, disco bass plucks, crashing drums and their signature echoing vocals.

It’s the perfect little nostalgia-inducing anthem for those of us longing for simpler times (pre- quarantine) when we were able to be with our loved ones. Pretty sure the girls didn’t mean this to be the case when crafting “Daydream,” but it’s without a doubt perfect for the present moment – without even trying.

Stream “Daydream” by The Aces on Apple Music and Spotify now!

Daydream” isn’t the only treat from The Aces‘ new era though, they’ve already gone ahead and released the follow-up teaser to their forthcoming project today (April 6): “Lost Angeles,” another satisfying swirl of warm, shimmering pop-rock greatness. This one sees the girls reflecting a bit differently than on “Daydream.” Lamenting on love and loss in the City of Angels, instead.

“‘Lost Angeles‘ is about the dark sides of LA, and that experience of being infatuated by Hollywood and a new city, but then having the excitement and romance of it ripped away at the hands of heartbreak,” The Aces said in a statement.

Stream “Daydream” by The Aces on Apple Music and Spotify now!

With each track, The Aces only continue to add more depth and dimension to their steadily growing catalog. They deserve your attention, period.

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