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On Track with Luka Bazulka from Perta!

Today I’d like to properly introduce you to Luka Bazulka!

About three years ago, Colin Kendrick (Pianist) found Luka (Lead Vocalist) singing at a warehouse party and decided to start a band focused around his story and voice. Joining members Daniel Zuker (Bassist), Justin Siegal (Drummer), and Chance Taylor (Guitarist) rounded out and formed the sound that is now Perta.

With elements that infuse everything from classic rock, funk, and pop – the Los Angeles-based band are carving out their very own space in the music sphere. Luka and his bandmates have big plans in 2020, so it’s time to get familiar now!

Captured and edited by: Matthew Dean Stewart

For the latest episode of On Track, my brand new interview series, I sit down with Luka to dish about his upbringing, the birth of Perta, coming up with their name, being part of a band full of straight boys, as well as what they have in store for us in 2020.

Check out the interview here and make sure to follow Luka on Instagram, for all the latest updates.

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