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Katy Perry Takes Us Cruisin’ On New Single, ‘Harleys In Hawaii’!

Katy Perry‘s on a vacation state of mind…

After delivering a double dose of pure confessional pop with “Never Really Over” and “Small Talk,” the Teenage Dream diva switches it up with a brand new vibe on her latest, “Harleys In Hawaii“!

Co-written with Charlie Puth, Johan Carlsson and Jacob Kasher (the same team behind “Small Talk“), “Harleys In Hawaii” is a surprisingly fresh and breezy, mid-tempo with a sophisticated pop sheen.

You and I, I/ Ridin’ Harleys in Hawaii-i-i/ I’m on the back, I’m holdin’ tight, I/ Want you to take me for a ride, ride…,” Katy sensually croons on the hook. “When I hula-hula, hula/ So good, you’ll take me to the jeweler-jeweler, jeweler/ There’s pink and purple in the sky-y-y/ We’re ridin’ Harleys in Hawaii-i-i.”

It’s actually quite nice to hear Katy on something a bit more laid-back and less, dare I say, forced. She sounds right at home here.

And sure… it doesn’t necessarily scream radio smash upon first listen, but it’s without a doubt immediate enough to give you that prompt for another listen. Easily one of my favorites from Katy Perry in some time.

Katy Perry’s new single is also available on Spotify and Apple Music now!

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