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Miss Benny Continues To Impress On Lovestruck New Single, ‘That’s My Man’!

Earlier this year, I posed a very simple request: In 2019, you will stan Miss Benny.

Well we’re slowly moving into quarter four of 2019, and Ben J. Pierce – yes, Miss Benny, if you’re nasty (you probably are) – is still giving us everything we want from a modern pop star on-the-rise.

Proof? Sure! His just released new single “That’s My Man” follows in the footsteps of its predecessor “Every Boy,” a moody mid-tempo all about his desire to kiss every guy in the world – aka my inner thoughts in song form.

Like “Every Boy,” sonically, “That’s My Man” is a bit on the moodier side of things, atmospheric and full of infectious synths. Thematically, however, Benny‘s even more aggressive in his come-on game this time around. He’s got the boy, now.

When we’re cherry picking boys in the front of the bar/ When we’re kissing making noise in the back of the car/ That’s my man, that’s my man, that’s my man…,” he chants on the ear-worm of a chorus. “When we’re crying on the floor cause we’re way too drunk/ When we’re laughing when it’s over cause we’re so in love/ That’s my man, that’s my man, that’s my man…”

It’s so refreshing to hear someone serving up unabashed pop that feels this good and celebratory. Miss Benny remains a winner.

Miss Benny’s new single is also available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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