Charli XCX Teams Up With Lizzo On New Single, ‘Blame It On Your Love’!

Finally something (mostly) new from Miss Charli XCX!

On her first 2019 release, the “1999” hit-maker links up with Lizzo on her upbeat, lovestruck new single, “Blame It On Your Love“!

If it sounds familiar, it’s because it is – the track serves as a fully-realized update of sorts of “Track 10” from Charli‘s most recent Pop 2 mixtape.

Now with additional production from Stargate, A. G. Cook and Finn Keane, the new take is a vibrant explosion of fierce pop energy, hard-hitting bass, and tons of PC blips and beeps. “I blame it on your love (yeah, yeah)/ Every time I fuck it up (fuck it up, man)/ I blame it on your love, I do…,” Charli chants on the hook before Lizzo comes through on the bridge for a fiery verse.

With any luck, this will land the talented pair a summer hit. They’re both more than deserving. LOVE, I DO!

“Blame It On Your Love (feat. Lizzo)” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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