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Carlie Hanson Dives Into Power Ballad Territory With ‘Back in My Arms’!

Baby girl Carlie Hanson is back at it again… thank goodness

If still unacquainted, get acquainted, like now: I first wrote about the LA-based talent in 2017, back when she was just kicking things off with her lush debut single, “Why Did You Lie?” Since then, she’s gone on to release about half an albums worth of material – “Only One,” “Us,” “Mood,” “Toxins” and “Numb” – and it’s all been VERY GOOD… like really good. She’s doing the damn thing, and doing it quite well.

This week, Carlie returns with her first 2019 release “Back in My Arms,” and this one is certainly no exception.

Striding into the speakers on a infectious guitar strum, Carlie drops the swag shtick and supplies us instead with a full-bodied, super grown up mid-tempo power ballad of pop star-proportions: That chorus is just, like, whooooooosh: “It’s the kind of love they say is wrong/ It’s what I’ve been waiting for so long/ Feel you on my body when you’re gone/ We go back to the start when you’re back in my arms.”

With each release, Carlie‘s only continuing to add more depth and dimension to her steadily growing catalog. Is there no end to this? I sure hope not…

Carlie Hanson’s new single “Back in My Arms” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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