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Rita Ora Teams Up With Kygo for ‘Detective Pikachu’ Single, ‘Carry On’!

There’s just no stopping Rita Ora.

It’s barely been five months since the release of her genuinely great sophomore album Phoenix, and the multi-talented entertainer has somehow found the time to hit the studio with Kygo.

They’ve teamed up on “Cary On,” the first single released from the upcoming soundtrack to Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, which she also stars in and is currently scheduled for a release on May 10th.

Considering Rita‘s long history of dance music collaborations, it’s really no surprise she’s linked up with Kygo for this special treat.

You, you found me/ Made me into something new/ Led me through the deepest waters/ I promise loud to carry on for you…,” Rita declares as Kygo‘s signature tropical house textures and fluttering melodies run abound to complete the joyous atmosphere.

A solid pairing that wouldn’t find itself out of place in-between Rita‘s Phoneix singles, “Let You Love Me” and “Lonely Together. Here for it.

Rita Ora & Kygo’s “Carry On” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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