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Bronze Avery Drops A Double Dose: ‘Anybody Else’ & ‘Spilling Out’

My bb Bronze Avery is at it again, but this time he means business.

After impressing with his dance-ready treat “Want 2” at the end of last year, the LA-based singer-songwriter-producer is finally ready to give us a little more with a spring-ready double release he’s calling, Split.

That’s right: Bronze has dropped not one, but two new tracks: “Anybody Else” and “Spilling Out“!

The first song “Anybody Else,” is a sparkling chilled-out, throwback R&B nod that organically builds along a breezy summertime beat, leading all the way to what is a genuinely feel-good, emotional chorus. “I just wanna go back in time/ Just to be right back by your side/ ‘Cause I haven’t got eyes for anybody else/ No I haven’t got eyes for anybody else…,” Bronze declares. It offers up some effortlessly strong melodies and a bit of nostalgia – It’s a win!

Bronze Avery’s “Anybody Else” is available on Apple Music and Spotify now

And then there’s “Spilling Out,” a slightly more return to form as far as lyricism and production is concerned. “You’re pushing me and pulling me out of the shadows/ You’re bleeding right through my skin and I can’t let you go/ Don’t wanna hold back anymore/ There no one else that I want more…,” he chants across the super sparkly, dance-ready throb. Bronze is at his best when he’s pouring his heart out on the dance floor, and “Spilling Out” is certainly no exception.

Bronze Avery’s latest “Spilling Out” is available on Apple Music and Spotify now!


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