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MARINA Sets The Date For New Album, ‘LOVE+FEAR’!

MARINA, formally Marina And The Diamonds, is doing things a bit differently this time around.

It feels like it’s been approximately a million years since 2016’s FROOT was released, but she’s indeed back at it again.

Just last week, Marina dropped her brand new single “Handmade Heaven,” a dreamy and deeply spiritual, poetic pop escape that comes equipped with an especially majestic, melancholy chorus — a FROOT-like moment of top-notch lyricism, songcraft and production all at once.

Handmade Heaven” is quite literally just the kick off though. MARINA‘s just confirmed an April 26 release date and revealed the dual album covers for her fourth studio album, LOVE+FEAR. Yes, you read that correctly. The project is a split in two. “Two 8 track collections that form a set,” Marina explained in a tweet.

“‘LOVE+FEAR‘ are both lush, vibrant and powerful representations of the two main emotional driving forces behind human responses,” the press release states. “LOVE is filled with a longing to enjoy life and a desire to unite and empower, while FEAR sees MARINA delve into matters of purpose and insecurity, also touching on conversations surrounding gender inequality and more broadly, the abuse of power. LOVE+FEAR are declamations that showcase these polarising sides of human nature.”

So yeah, get excited: Marina is coming for that Best of 2019 title.

1. Handmade Heaven
2. Superstar
3. Orange Trees
4. Baby (with Clean Bandit)
5. Enjoy Your Life
6. True
7. To Be Human
8. End Of The World

9. Believe In Love
10. Life Is Strange
11. You
12. Karma
13. Emotional Machine
14. Too Afraid
15. Sucker
16. Soft To Be Strong

MARINA’s ‘Handmade Heaven” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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