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Zedd & Katy Perry Make Irresistible Pop Magic With ‘365’!

The Valentine’s Day treats kick off with Zedd and Katy Perry!

The last time we heard something new from Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson was with the release of her 2017, lukewarm received fifth studio album Witness.

We’re moving on and forgetting about all that. Why? She’s back at it, and not alone with the undeniably addictive, “365“! (If you’re good at the Internet, you heard it weeks ago.)

“I want you to be the one that’s on my mind/ On my mind, on my mind/ I want you to be there on a Monday night/ Tuesday night, every night…,” Katy solemnly swears toward the beginning of her love anthem, punctuated by alluring island-flavored beats. And then it comes – the irresistible post-chorus: “I think about you all the time/ 24/7, 3-6-5…

It’s a euphoric, undeniably catchy floor-filler from start to finish.

The video tells a cinematic story of an android Katy, who yearns to be human, as she attempts to make a genuine connection with Zedd. It’s very
Ex Machina down to the aesthetic and Katy‘s AI look.


Zedd & Katy Perry’s “365” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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