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Jessie Ware Drops A Valentine’s Day Love Treat With ‘Adore You’!

Jessie Ware is here to remind you that she’s still here!

A few months ago, the Glasshouse goddess returned with the one-off single “Overtime,” a propulsive old-school house throb that teased the musical palette Jessie‘s exploring for her next record.

And now, just in time for Valentine’s Day, she’s just shared another new track: The appropriately titled “Adore You” – and it continues to explore that welcome new direction!

“‘Overtime‘ was just kind of, I guess I put it out just thinking well let’s see if people like it. And again with ‘Adore You,’ it’s just because it’s an offering to people so that it kind of reminds them that I’m still making music,” Jessie told Annie Mac on today’s (February 13) BBC Radio 1 show.

Co-written and produced by Metronomy frontman Joe Mount and once again mixed by James Ford, “Adore You” is much subtler in its approach than “Overtime,” a chic electronic house-light throb that finds Jessie‘s lovestruck, feather-light crooning laced across a enticing synth groove.

“I think it was a reminder of where I have come from and where I started as an artist. And it’s pure escapism this, the record I have made I mean. James Ford and I. James is the fantastic producer and we have basically produced over half of it already,” Jessie told Annie. “So we made sure we did that, it’s like we got strings on it. It’s sounding amazing and so we just got that. We know what the blueprint is but it’s just been so fun. The remit was escapism, sex, dance, disco and that’s how it’s going. I did my autobiographical revealing record on the last one. I don’t need to talk about being a mother the whole time. I wanted to go live vicariously through other people going out dancing and it’s been really fun and it felt really easy and good.”

If these songs are just a teaser of what’s to come, we’re truly in for a treat once the fully realized project is ready to be delivered. LOVE! LOVE!

Jessie Ware’s latest “Adore You” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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