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FLETCHER Makes Her Major Label Debut With ‘Undrunk’!

My girl FLETCHER is finally back at it again!

For those of you who have yet to discover FLETCHER, she’s the talented New Jersey-bred singer-songwriter I’ve been gushing about since the release of her impressive (and independently released) debut EP, Finding Fletcher, all the way back in 2016 – she remains to be a worthy “One To Watch” it girl.

Now signed to Capitol Records, FLETCHER is ready to kick off her 2019 with the release of a brand new single called, “Undrunk“!

The song is a stellar serving of sparkling, sweetly-sung confessional pop from the now LA-based talent as she captures the post-breakup yearning for a do-over – and the realization that “some things you can’t undo / and one of them’s you.”

With its kicky drum pulse, “Undrunk” is a bit crunchier and moodier around the edges than FLETCHER‘s previous offerings. The core of the song, though, is purely the stuff of heartbreak-pop heaven, especially that soaring chorus: “Wish I could get a little un-drunk so I could un-call you/ At five in the morning, I would un-fuck you/ But some things you can’t undo,” FLETCHER cries out on the frustrated anthem.

Raw and easily her most personal song to date, she’s refined within and it’s beautiful thing to witness. In this moment, she is infinite. Welcome back!

FLETCHER’s new single “Undrunk” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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