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‘Rendezvous’: The Amazing Introduction of Miss Benny!

In 2019 you will stan Miss Benny.

Miss Who you ask? For anyone not already familiar with the addicting and fascinating world of YouTube personalities, Miss Benny aka Benny aka Ben J. Pierce aka Kid POV was once a very prominent member of the community: He’s racked up thousands of subscribers via his popular channel’s since he was 11.

For now, though, the multi-talented, Texas-bred “internet gay boy” is setting his sights on a much different medium than adorably, awkward weekly storytelling and tutorial challenges: The music world.

That’s not to say that Ben‘s music career has just begun: He’s been pursing a music project under the name Benny since 2014, and has a couple of solid songs under his belt, including “Never Apart” and “Boys Will Be Boys.”

Rendezvous,” however, is Ben‘s debut single as Miss Benny, which just debuted today and is – perhaps shocking to some – a much more impressive offering than what the term “YouTube personality” might allude.

The track – which was written and produced by himself – is a delightfully flirtatious, breathy bout of come-hither pop directed at Miss Benny‘s late-night attraction.

I’m not gonna cry for no one/ ‘Cause nobody deserves my tears, yeah/ But if you really wanna we can rendezvous…,” he seductively purrs over an enticing guitar strum pulse (with a cheeky dose of western sonic flavor) before launching into a woosh of throbbing club sounds and synths once the chorus strikes: “To the rendezvous, you know what to do/ Pull up in your vintage car/ Baby, I won’t say this twice/ I need your sweet gift tonight/ And the rendezvous…” It’s simply hypnotic.

I’ve got a lot of hope in Miss Benny‘s potential, not only as a pop star, but a young, gay singer-songwriter-actor living his god damn truth. “Rendezvous” is a majorly impressive re-start and it only further cements my faith in him. Live Miss Benny! LIVE!

Miss Benny’s debut single “Rendezvous” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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