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Billie Eilish Debuts Brooding ‘ROMA’-Inspired Single, ‘WHEN I WAS OLDER’!

Billie Eilish‘s first release of 2019 comes in the form of “WHEN I WAS OLDER,” an original song for the forthcoming Inspired By album to the critically acclaimed, two-time Golden Globe-winning Netflix film, ROMA.

Inspired by the film and curated by Academy Award-winning ROMA director Alfonso Cuarón, “WHEN I WAS OLDER” is the first of what’s to come from the upcoming mystery compilation.

The song’s title is lifted directly from a piece of dialogue spoken by the character Pepe in the film, “When I was older I used to be a sailor, but I drowned in a storm.” Billie teamed up with her brother and frequent collaborator Finneas O’Connell to craft the genre-blurring production.

“When we were composing the song, we wanted to write from within the narrative of the movie and the scenes that struck us the most from it,” Billie and Finneas said in a statement. “Having access to the sounds used in the film proved to be invaluable to help us convey this. Lines like ‘memories burn like a forest fire’ are accompanied by the sounds of the trees burning in the woods outside the house. The chorus, has the ocean sounds overplayed on it. We were also able to take sounds like the student protest shouts and Borras barking and turn them into rhythmic percussive elements to help drive the song. Nothing about this song would exist without the film, which is exactly what we love about it.”

Much like the beautiful film itself, “WHEN I WAS OLDER” starts off quite stark and lonesome with the lightest of glimpses into it’s full soundscape. Each time she hits that chorus, the song swells with more voices, intricate sounds and more haunting production.

There’s something quite otherworldly about this but in the most beautiful of ways. I think it’s safe to say we’re in for quite a treat with this upcoming collection – Listen below!

Billie Eilish’s latest “WHEN I WAS OLDER” is also available on Spotify and Apple Music!

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