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Merry Christmas To Us: JoJo Has Re-Released Her First Two Albums!

I guess it’s not always “Too Little Too Late.” JoJo fans rejoice!

The emancipated diva doesn’t want anyone feeling down this Holiday season. And so, she’s blessed us with a sweeter treat than any cup of egg nog or plate of sugar cookies: The official re-release of her self-titled 2004 debut and 2006’s The High Road, with re-recorded vocals and slightly new arrangements.

That’s right, fan favorites like “Baby It’s You” and “The Way You Do Me,” plus JoJo‘s two biggest hits, “Leave (Get Out)” and “Too Little Too Late” are all back on all streaming platforms for our full listening pleasure. She also threw in updated versions of 2011’s “Disaster” and 2012’s “Demonstrate.”

In case you didn’t know, both albums were removed from digital retailers and streaming services by her former label Blackground Records, which prevented her from releasing any music while she was under contract. After breaking free from her contract, JoJo scored a deal with Atlantic and won back the mechanical licensees for the musical composition of her music. So in short, JoJo re-recorded all of her songs for all of us to have access again on music services. SHE IS AN ANGEL!

“This re-record project is a gift to my fans, (for keeping me going and generally just being amazing) and honestly… also to me,” JoJo said in a statement. “I needed this as part of my healing. Reclaiming my history and control. Being able to move forward, making the past right.”

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