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Carlie Hanson Offers Up A Savage Warning On ‘Numb’!

We’ve had the great pleasure of hearing half an albums worth of material from pop princess on the rise Carlie Hanson at this point: From her lush debut single, “Why Did You Lie?, to her excellent follow-ups “Only One,” “Us,” “Mood” and “Toxins” — and they’re all varying levels of pop greatness. She’s truly yet to release a dud. Not one!

The LA-based songstress just dropped yet another cut called “Numb,” and this one is certainly no exception.

Penned by Carlie alongside Dale Anthoni, Skylar Mones and Mike Sabath, the track is as instant as the rest of what we’ve already heard, but with a more brooding and menacing sound than Carlie‘s predecessors.

Run from me/ you ain’t gonna find no love, baby/ You should run from me, just a little bit of company/ Yeah, that’s all you’re gonna get from me,” she warns before launching into her most savage chorus to date: “I’m so numb/ I can’t lie/ I’d be fine if you left tonight/ I know you want a ride or die, but that’s not me, no that’s not I/ I’m so numb,” Carlie declares across the tripping hip-hop beats and haunting loops.

It’s like the young cousin to Rihanna’s “Needed Me in a way? Savage pop goodness. I stan.


Carlie Hanson’s latest “Numb” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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