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Avril Lavigne Seeks Closure On New ‘Head Above Water’ Single, ‘Tell Me It’s Over’!

Avril Lavigne is done playing the fool…

The “Complicated” diva came back strong with her super inspirational comeback ballad “Head Above Water” – inspired by her lengthy battle with Lyme Disease – at the start of September.

But it’s not all about health struggles in Avril‘s world.

Tell Me It’s Over” is the second song from Head Above Water, her upcoming sixth studio album (due out on February 15). And unlike the devastatingly powerful title track, this one’s a whole lot less hopeless: It’s all about being broken down from a relationship, but rising above and finding peace in spite of everything – a self-empowerment anthem of sorts once again, yes, with the same kind of honest angst we’ve come to expect from Avril‘s pen.

“‘Tell Me It’s Over‘ is an anthem about being strong, finally putting your foot down and closing the door on a relationship that you know is wrong after time and time again of falling for the likes of Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin and Etta James as inspirations. “They represent women who stand up for women and aren’t going to put up with a man’s bullshit anymore.”

From the jump the inspiration is clear on “Tell Me It’s Over,” which features a retro-like production by John Carlsson, the man behind Ariana Grande‘s “Dangerous Woman” and “Bang Bang.”

Tell me it’s/ If it’s really over/ ‘Cause it don’t feel like it’s over whenever/ you’re closing the door, no/ So tell me it’s over,” Avril cries.

Although she sounds lovely and the production is pretty enough, I think the most noteworthy thing about “Tell Me It’s Over” isn’t the sound of the song itself, but rather the story she’s singing, which is #relatable.

Avril Lavigne’s brand new single “Tell Me It’s Over” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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