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Nina Nesbitt Offers Up A Lovestruck Warning On New Single, ‘Colder’!

Nina Nesbitt is low key doing the damn thing y’all ā€“ and doing it quite well. The Scottish darling has had a solid streak thus far in her The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change album campaign, which will be released February 1 – everything from “The Moments I’m Missing,” “The Best You Had,” “Somebody Special” and “Loyal to Me” has all been varying levels of pop greatness.

And now, five singles deep, Nina might have just hit us with one of her best yet: “Colder.”

Written by Nina and produced by frequent collaborator Fraser T Smith, “Colder” is a shimmering pop confessional about the aftermath of heartbreak, complete with bubbling synths, a propulsive future-bassline and one instant earworm of a hook: “When you’re young and you get your heartbroken/ And he leaves, leaves the scars open/ when you can’t believe it’s over/ That’s when you get a little colder,” Nina warns. “Yeah, when your heart’s broken/ And he leaves, leaves the scars open/ Drunk cry-crying on his shoulder/ That’s when you get a little colder.”

The song is both delicate and dreamy, all while maintaining a cool and slick confidence throughout. “‘Colder‘ was the last song I wrote for the album. It was written after watching young kids in love and how fearlessly they fall for each other because they’ve most likely not had their heart broken before,” Nina said in a statement about the song. “It’s a song about the aftermath of that and explaining to someone why you find it hard to open up.”

Nina is en route to drop off one of the best records of 2019, and she deserves your full attention.

1. Sacred
2. The Moments I’m Missing
3. The Best You Had
4. Colder
5. Loyal To Me
6. Somebody Special
7. Is It Really Me You’re Missing
8. Love Letter
9. Empire
10. Chloe
11. Things I Say When You Sleep
12. Last December
13. The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change

Nina Nesbitt’s latest single “Colder” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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