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Sabrina Carpenter’s ‘Singular: Act 1’ Is Pretty Great – Stream Here!

#NewMusicFriday has brought us some notable new releases this week, but right now, I want you to focus on Miss Sabrina Carpenter.

The 19-year-old Disney princess-turned-pop superstar has just dropped the first part of her third studio album, titled Singular: Act 1 – a punchy, fresh 8-track collection of modern girl pop.

After kicking off with lead single and undeniable highlight “Almost Love,” there’s the sensual “Paris,” which was released as a teaser late last month — it still holds up. Then towards the middle there’s “Hold Tight” with Uhmeer and “prfct,” slightly new territory for Sabrina as she slows things down and laces her silky voice across slow-tripping beats, and sparse and hazy electro-R&B.

Better, though, is “Sue Me” a burst of electro-pop that comes armed with a big pop chorus. “So sue me for looking too pretty tonight/ Wearing your favorite color under the lights/ For moving on, doing everything right…,” Sabrina shouts across the future-bass production. “So sue me for being good friends with your friends/ And running into you the place that we met/ For being something you can’t forget/ So sue me.”

The most exciting new cut of the bunch, though, is “Bad Time,” an angsty, electro-pop kiss off: “Now I know you wanna talk about it, talk about it, yeah/ Suddenly you’re into me again/ Let’s talk about it, talk about it, yeah/ I’ve been dying to use the line…,” Sabrina sarcastically growls across the propulsive pulse before launching into the song’s crashing chorus: “I’m sorry, but you’ve called at a bad time/ And every time is probably gonna be a bad time/ Sorry, but it’s not like the last time/ Where you were calling me and hoping for a good time/ Bad time for a good time, baby/ A bad time…” Killer hooks, sharp tongue and free-for-all fun – an obvious choice for the next single.

The seductive “Mona Lisa” and sassy “Diamonds Are Forever” round out the mini-set, providing an always necessary dose of cheeky #GIRLPOWER.

Sabrina experimented and brought a mature approach to her third round — and as it turns out, it’s a pretty great move.

Sabrina Carpenter’s new album Singular: Act 1 is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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