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Cheryl Continues Her ‘I Don’t Care’ Reign With New Single, ‘Love Made Me Do It’!

The year is 2018. The world is barely being held together by sticks and glue. But there’s still one thing on the horizon to provide us with hope in troubled times: the return of the artist known as Cheryl Ann Tweedy, aka Just Cheryl.

Cheryl, former member of English quintet Girls Aloud, has been away from the music scene for about four years to focus on different solo endeavors. Also, she became a mother. As you may or may not know, Cheryl was in a relationship with One Direction‘s Liam Payne, with whom she now has a baby son with named Bear.

They’re no longer together, which brings us to: “Love Made Me Do It” — her first single off of her upcoming fifth studio album , and her first since the release of 2014’s Only Human – a welcome return.

Led by a intricately layered production, the song finds Cheryl reflecting on her past relationships and owning her missteps in a very “I Don’t Care” kind of way. Yupp, she’s done it again. “I took the fast lane all of my life/ I’ve been the bad girl/ I’ve been the good wife I don’t stop to think/ when I go in I go in/ I’ve fallen hard like a million times/ On number seven of my nine lives/ The ink on my skin, is all the places I’ve been,” she declares in the song’s first verse.

The feisty “I Don’t CareCheryl is alive and well in this one. Just check this chorus: “Cause I’m breaking all my rules but love made me do it/ Should’ve used my head ’cause my heart really blew it/ Love made me do it (it wasn’t my fault)/ Love made me do it (it wasn’t my fault)/ And now I’m losing all my cool but love made me do it/ Should’ve used my head ’cause my heart really blew it/ Love made me do it (it wasn’t my fault)/ Love made me do it, and I’d do it again.”

The song was crafted by a bunch of talented folks, including The Invisible Men – the masterminds behind some of the best from Iggy Azalea, Zayn, Charli XCX and one of my favorite Girls Aloud songs, “On the Metro” – Cheryl‘s former group-mate Nicola Roberts, and Natasha Bedingfield – you know, of “Unwritten” fame. Yeah, that one.

Truthfully, it kind of plays like a featherlight, cousin to Selena Gomez‘s “Bad Liar” and “Hands to Myself,” propelled forward by similar soft hand-clapping, finger-snapping beats, chilly atmospherics, and those breathy sighs in the distance. Comparisons aside though, “Love Made Me Do It” still feels like a fresh new start for Cheryl. She’s only here to shine bright as the flawless Brit-pop goddess that she is. Welcome back!

Cheryl’s new single “Love Made Me Do It” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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