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Halsey Navigates Destructive Relationship In ‘Without Me’ Music Video!

Ugh, Halsey. Why’d you come around me with this song like this? Why did you do that?

While she may never be a favorite of mine, I can’t help but give credit when credit is due. Halsey‘s latest single “Without Me,” her first solo release since 2017’s hopeless fountain kingdom, is an undeniable ear-worm from the very first play. Yeah, I said it.

The video for the heartbreaking ballad has just been released today (October 29), and it sees her navigating her way through a destructive relationship. In the Colin Tilley-directed clip, Halsey can be seen picking up the pieces of her lover, who looks uncannily similar to her real-life ex boyfriend, G-Eazy. He faces anger issues as well as a destructive alcohol problem, and Halsey is left trying to remedy the situation.

It’s all very timely considering they split up once again last week. Is this Halsey putting her dirty laundry on display or are we just witnessing a very smart marketing ploy? You be the judge – Watch below!

Halsey’s latest single “Without Me” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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