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Tove Styrke Leaves Her Heart On The Line On New Single, ‘Vibe’!

We first noticed Swedish singer Tove Styrke nearly four years ago when she released her dynamic, well-received sophomore album Kiddo. It’s no surprise to see how she has developed into a major international force since those early days.

Today, she’s in the middle of her first headlining intentional tour and her third studio LP Sway — the long-awaited follow-up released back in May — holds up as one of this year’s very best, bringing us gems like “On The Low,” “Say My Name” and “Changed My Mind.”

To keep the momentum going, Tove’s released a new single called “Vibe” – and yes, it’s very much a vibe.

The single is a sure sign of her development as an artist: a restrained, sophisticated and atmospheric song showcasing her gorgeous angelic voice with simple electronic, acoustic layers and heavenly harmonies: “I thought we had a vibe (vibe)/ It’s gon’ take, it’s gon’ take a while, a while/ You said, “That’s making no sense”/ I said, “You’re making no sense”/ I gave a hundred percent/ Thought it was something I said/ Thought we had a vibe.”

“To me it’s very much like an ending but a new beginning at the same time. It’s definitely in the same world as the other songs from Sway, but it’s got a little bit more heartbreak. And I’ve been wanting to do a guitar-heavy song for a long time,” Tove told Wonderland Mag. “The lyric is ‘I thought we had a vibe‘. Like, you really thought that there was something, but things just didn’t work out. I feel like a lot of the songs on the album are about beginnings, before you know if it’s going to work out or not. It was interesting to take it a little bit further into the future of knowing someone, where it actually pans out.”

Tove Styrke’s latest “Vibe” is also available on Spotify and Apple Music now!

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