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Carlie Hanson Continues To Impress With Relatable Ode, ‘Toxins’!

So, Carlie Hanson won’t stop putting out good music.

If still unacquainted, get acquainted, like now: I first wrote about the pop princess in the making over a year ago, back when she was just kicking things off with her lush debut single, “Why Did You Lie?” She did it again with her excellent follow-up “Only One,” then again with her first song of 2018 “Us,” and yeah, yet again with the A.G. Cook-produced “Mood” — apparently, she’s not stopping anytime soon with her infectious, beautiful brand of pop — and we’re all better off for it TBH.

You know when you hear a song, and the lyrics speak to you so much that you’re like “Oh wow, I feel very attacked and seen at the same time”? Or maybe you don’t ever feel that way. I don’t know your life.

In any case, Carlie‘s just supplied one of those lyrical gems with the endlessly replayable and #relatable “Toxins,” an ode to your vice of choice, which — let me tell you — is 100 levels of SAME.

The ode to self-destructive and codependency tendencies, which was co-crafted with Dale Anthoni, Leroy Clampitt and Steph Jones, comes packed with a chorus that just begs for a cups-in-the-air singalong in concert. “I don’t need nothing but you and your toxins,” Carlie declares before the rock-edged, post-chorus comes surging through the speakers.

Yeah, Carlie did that. Get familiar!

Carlie Hanson’s latest single “Toxins” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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