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Mariah Carey Teams Up With Ty Dolla $ign On Breezy ‘Caution’ Cut, ‘The Distance’!

Mariah Carey has already blessed us with “GTFO” and “With You” over the past month, but despite new singles, we’ve been hard-pressed for info about the Elusive Chanteuse’s forthcoming 15th studio album. This week, Mariah‘s finally spilled the deets: The album is called Caution, the highly-glam face artwork above is the official cover art, it’s tight 10-track collection, and it comes out on next month on November 16.

This news is also accompanied by a third new promotional single called “The Distance” featuring the inescapable Ty Dolla $ign – a romantic slice of mid-tempo R&B loaded with a slick and infectious hook that was co-crafted with hit-making collaborators Poo Bear and Skrillex, who are responsible for a majority of Justin Bieber‘s Purpose album.

There’s lots to love about the production, but it’s really all about the timelessness that Mariah always so elegantly exudes: She’s actually giving us signature Mimi here, fluttering up and down (“Look at us we’re going the distance!“). And of course, in true Mimi fashion, there are those heaven-sent runs echoing in the background during the final seconds.

The combination of that buoyant baseline and honey-sweet croonage is a total breath of fresh, breezy air, and also perfectly suited for the fall season: I’m already Daydream-ing about laying out in the leaves and letting this one blast from the speakers on repeat.

Mariah Carey’s latest “The Distance (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)” is also available on Spotify and iTunes!

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