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Oh My, My, My! Troye Sivan’s New Album ‘Bloom’ Has Finally Arrived!


This is a time to rejoice! Why? Because after months and months of waiting, Troye Sivan‘s sophomore album, Bloom has finally been released!

If you’re just now catching up with the multi-talented Australian heartthrob, here’s a brief recap to explain why Bloom is quite literally the only thing that matters today: Troye‘s current Ariana Grande-assisted single “Dance To This” is a chic and sophisticated, dance gem from pop heaven, “The Good Side” and “Animal” are gorgeous slices of intimate and brooding balladry, “Bloom” is quite literally the gay pop anthem we don’t deserve but indeed need, and the almighty, spirit-shaking “My My My!” is easily one of the Best Pop Songs of 2018 – you can’t fight me on it (I will win).

Know what else is good? Early new faves “Plum,” “Lucky Strike” and basically else everything in-between. In short: Bloom is a gorgeous, intimate, soft, tender, sensual and supremely crafted listen from start to finish. An album for steamy, unfiltered romping. There’s simply not a single dud in the entire set. So, if you like wonderfully-crafted pop… Bloom is it. The End.

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