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MNEK Makes No Apologies & Owns His Truth On ‘Language’ Single, ‘Correct’!

The wait is over, you’re now rocking with the best…

At this point, we’ve heard about a third of MNEK‘s upcoming debut LP, Language. (No one’s complaining.)

And today, we’ve been given further access into the endlessly talented wunderkind’s long-awaited full-length project: “Correct,” a trilling slice of shape-shifting deliciousness that finds MNEK confidently celebrating all of his success without any apologies.

I flex like Aretha so please show me some respect/ I am blessed with my reefer/ Miss me with that jolly mess/ You hear the bass through the speakers, now you wanna hear the rest/ Who wrote this song?/ Who made this beat?/ Well, take a guess,” he declares across the tight, shuffling beats and left-leaning textures. “I’ve been doing this for day/ I’ve been doing this from jump/ I was making fame before Year 7 begun/ I was getting paid before I was getting drunk/ I see you making these mistakes/ Listen to rule number one.”

His approach is willing unapologetic, cocky as ever, and often hilarious: “Everybody’s asking why they haven’t heard my album yet/ I had to come correct,” he taunts at one point amidst showing off his versatility, shifting between wild yelps, too cool for school spittin’, and of course, soulful crooning. This song is the very reason why MNEK has been pegged as a hotly-tipped artist for YEARS now – and why that hype’s more than deserved. He has all the receipts to back it so come “Correct.”

“‘Correct’ is a fav of mine on the album! It’s about owning your successes and not letting anyone tell you different, cos you’ve earned them,” MNEK said in a statement. “I’ve been doing this for 10 yrs, I’ve always struggled with basically realizing I’m ‘dat bitch’, so this song was an exercise to remember that!”

MNEK’s latest “Correct” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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