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Allie X Reaches Cosmic Heights On Latest ‘Super Sunset’ Single, ‘Science’!

Despite how it may seem to others, Allie X knows exactly what she’s doing.

In fact, she is Underrated Pop Queen who has recently made a promise to keep dropping pop greatness on us from her upcoming album Super Sunset on a monthly basis, single by single.

Following the release of “Focus” and last month’s “Not So Bad In LA,” the singer-songstress reveals yet another treat from her Super Sunset basket… this one being “Science.”

On “Science,” co-written alongside her frequent collaborator LELAND, Allie‘s kicking up the pace a bit, supplying heaven-sent pop melodies (“We just know-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow how/ Holding me real tight/ This beautiful alliance“) and catchy chants (“Right down, Right down to a science“) above punchy drums, shimmering waves of infectious ’80’s synths and cosmic atmospherics. There’s something especially majestic once she launches into that dreamy, melancholy chorus — a real stars-align moment of top-notch lyricism, songcraft and production all at once.

This one might be my personal favorite of the bunch… of the ones we’ve already been given so far, anyway. She’s in her “prime,” indeed.

Allie X’s latest single “Science” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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