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Kiesza Returns With Her Wonderfully Weird ‘Phantom Of The Dance Floor’!

Kiesza hasn’t had much luck breaking into the music market outside of the success of her breakout hit “Hideaway.”

Despite being met with warm reception in 21 other countries around the world with the 2014 debut single, the Canadian songstress failed to match its success with the release of both her follow-up single “Giant in My Heart” (#4 peak on the UK Singles Chart) and her debut album, Sound of a Woman (which stalled at #40 on the UK Albums Chart and #42 on the US Billboard 200).

Now, following a lengthy hiatus having unpicked seemingly endless legal tangles with her label, joining forces with High Time to release music on her own terms, Kiesza is finally ready to properly strike back with a brash, unapologetically unique new banger in: “Phantom of The Dance Floor“!

Phantom Of The Dance Floor” is very much a wonderfully weird production that infuses sounds that you’d probably think wouldn’t work well together: Heartbreak lyrics; disco beats and Andrew Lloyd Webber-inspired operatics.

Therefore it’s no surprise that it’s accompanying visual finds Kiesza transforming into a Frankenstein-like scientist where she’s joined by a sarcastic assistant, a tongue, an eyeball, and a monster played by Philippe Sly with a voice that sounds just like something out of the Phantom of the Opera.

It’s theater, it’s House, it’s quirky AF and I’m very intrigued by it all. Welcome back Kiesza!

Kiesza’s new single “Phantom Of The Dance Floor” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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