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The Chainsmokers Serve Up A Summer Refresher With Emily Warren On ‘Side Effects’!

Love them or hate them, The Chainsmokers‘ aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Since January, they’ve been steadily revealing cuts from their upcoming mystery project single by single. So far, we’ve heard the aggressive “Sick Boy,” the dark “You Owe Me,” the self-deprecating “Everybody Hates Me” and most recently, the Drew Love-assisted “Somebody.”

The tracks have all been varying levels of, well, moody – but that all changes today (July 27) with the release of their new summer refresher: “Side Effects,” featuring frequent collaborator and hit-making songstress Emily Warren!

On “Side Effects,” the duo – Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart – stray far away from their rock-edged, emo-pop sound and instead serve up a super euphoric, glittery electro-pop banga, which, if anything, feels like a much-welcome return to form. “Oh, you’re all that I want/ No good at giving you up/ Come on and give me some love tonight, yeah…,” Emily commands on the hook.

There’s lots of delicious melodies, lots of suggestive lyricism, and one hell of a fun bridge sing-talk breakdown: It’s nothing too revolutionary of course, but who cares? It’s a fun lil; summer sizzler. Just dance, and undress.

The Chainsmokers’ latest “Side Effects (feat. Emily Warren)” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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