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Charli XCX Continues Her Pop Dominance With Official ‘Girls Night Out’ Release!

No boys, no boys… it’s a “Girls Night Out“!

After properly closing out 2017 with her Pop2 mixtape back in December, a star-studded collection of thumping, PC Music-produced future-bops that still holds up as one of the year’s best, the ever-evolving Charli XCX has kept us happy by steadily releasing more pop greatness single by single.

Following “5 In The Morning,” “Focus,” and “No Angel,” the 25-year-old talented Brit is already back at it with her fourth single in just under two months: “Girls Night Out,” an electro-banger produced by frequent collaborator SOPHIE and Stargate.

If you’re a true Charli stan then you already may be familiar with the leaked version of this song that has existed in the cracks of the Internet for a year now, but it sounds especially dynamite now that we have it in its fully mastered glory. “It’s a girls’ night out/ Let’s have a girls’ night out tonight/ It’s a girls’ night out,” she declares on the chant-ready hook.

With each track, Charli only continues to prove that she’s in her own lane when it comes to cutting-edge pop. She’s been giving us some of the best pop this year. Is there no end to this? I sure hope not…

Charli XCX’s new single “Girls Night Out” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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