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Comeback On One Hunndit: Ciara Returns With Empowering New Single ‘Level Up’!

Five, four, three, two, one… she’s been gone for too long, and now she’s ready to bring it back!

That’s Right“: Ciara is officially back at it again with the release of her brand new single called, “Level Up” – the first taste from the upcoming follow-up to 2015’s Jackie, which brought us underrated gems like “Dance like We’re Making Love,” “Kiss & Tell” and “Give Me Love.”

Level Up” sees CiCi returning to her signature Crunk-R&B sound with a hip-shaking, dance-ready empowerment anthem, produced by J.R. Rotem and penned by Ciara herself with Theron Thomas, whose had a hand in crafting some of her very best like “I’m Out” and “Dance like We’re Making Love,” as well as Rihanna‘s “Pour It Up” and Miley Cyrus‘ “We Cant’ Stop.”

The theme? Ciara‘s “elevating.” She’s got plenty of reason to, from her recent marriage to Russell Wilson to her countless modeling gigs to the birth of the future Princess of Crunk-R&B, Sienna Princess Wilson. As a result, the “Goodies” hit-maker provided us with a tune that comes loaded with confident self-affirmations while managing to true to the stuff of signature Ciara – yet it doesn’t sound like any one song she’s done before.

Them old mistakes are gone/ I won’t do them no more/ That’s old news, there’s new news/ I done did that before/ I turned them into something/ My comeback on one hunndit,” she declares before surging into the song’s soldiering twerk-ready chorus: “Watch me level up, level up/ Level up, level up, level up/ Level up, level up…

Is it single-worthy? It may be a bit too much for radio. But as a new era kick off, it gets the job done.

As for the video for her “Level Up” re-introduction, it’s essentially a nonstop serving of spectacular choreography, proving yet again — since the likes of “Goodies,” “Get Up” and so on — that Ciara is, without question, one of the greatest dancers out of today’s generation of stars.

Directed by Ciara herself alongside PARRI$, the sleek visual supplies little else but CiCi and the Request Dance Crew confidently pulling shapes and romp-shaking their stuff. And yet, that’s more than enough. In a time where choreography is barely what it used to be on the pop scene, it’s all the more refreshing to see someone turn out some truly captivating, Janet Jackson-level dancing.

Ladies and gents, remain empowered, positive and elevated: CiCi is here to stay!

Ciara’s brand new single “Level Up” is also available on Spotify and Apple Music!

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