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Allie X Takes On Hollywood On Swaggering New Single, ‘Not So Bad In L.A”!

It looks like CollXtion III may be closer than we think…

Synth-pop darling Allie X, who released one of 2017’s Best Albums with CollXtion II, has been slowly dropping hints that a new project is on the horizon. “Oh honey, you just wait and see, I’ve got a whole year planned,” she recently told Billboard.

Following the release of “Focus” in June, Allie X continues her consecutive string of stellar pop releases with her new single, “Not So Bad In LA“!

Over sparkling synths and swaggering bass line, she sings about common problems that plague the Hollywood natives whilst losing herself in the starlight rush: “It’s not so bad in L.A/ The parking’s cheap and valet/ Those blue skies day after day/ It’s not so bad in L.A/ Backyard got two lemon trees/ Ten grams at the dispensary…,” she declares across a tripping hip-hop beat. The song shimmers in a very Lana Del Rey-like majestic sheen while still relishing in some modern 2018 flare — and of course, those oh-so-very-necessary distant moans à la Lana.

Allie consistently puts out pop greatness, and her latest is no different. BRING ON THE REST MAMA!

Allie X’s new single “Not So Bad In L.A” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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