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Carlie Hanson’s New Single ‘Mood’ Is Actual Summer-Ready Mood!

Carlie Hanson! My coveted “One To Watch” babe has done it again (thank god…).

Following the release of the fucks-free “Us” back in February, the ever-talented up-and-coming Wisconsin native has now teamed up with songwriting superstar LELAND (Troye Sivan, Selena Gomez, etc.) and PC Music mastermind A.G. Cook to serve up another satisfying new song called “Mood” – and yes, it’s totally mood. Beyond what sounds cool, she also understands who’s cool. Can you believe?

Mood” is the best-case scenario that could have come from this talented bunch: top-notch, hyper-relatable, lovey-dovey lyricism (“Stealing sips of alcohol and being dumb with you/ Hands under the blankets while we in the living room/ Taking pictures of our pictures so they know we cool“) meets PC Music-sculpted slabs of metallic sounds, resulting in a body-tingling drive-with-your-hands-in-the-air type anthem.

This new one from Carlie might be my personal favorite of the bunch. If you haven’t gotten familiar yet, I demand you to catch up.

Carlie Hanson’s new single “Mood” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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