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Betty Who Takes A Walk On The Wild Side On New Single, ‘Taste’!

The worse they are the better they taste…

Freshly uncaged Betty Who has been steadily revealing cuts from her upcoming indie project single by single. So far, we’ve heard the liberating “Ignore Me” and the sassy “Look Back.”

With her third serving this year, the talented Australian singer-songstress is switching it up yet again with the enticing “Taste“!

I should know better by now/ But it’s twenty to two and you know that I want some,” she begins. In contrast to the high-octane production of “Ignore Me” and even the Britney-inspired “Look Back,” sees Betty truly showing off her pipes above a seductive and swaggering, bluesy-tinged groove. She’s versatile babes!

The song is essentially your new strip-tease anthem. “One little bite couldn’t hurt, right?/ I’ma get what I deserve, right?/ I’m done with playing it safe.” Hey, don’t say she didn’t warn you!

All three singles are set to be part of Betty‘s independent EP Betty Pt. 1, out June 15 – the EP is the first in a series of her conceptual new music rollout. A second EP will be released in the fall and a full-length album next year. “This will be my first EP in five years so there is definitely an air of returning to my humble beginnings, but this EP mostly feels like a re-introduction, not just to my fans but in a lot of ways for myself. A lot has changed in a year for me so I felt like it was time to start fresh and see what could come out,” Betty explains. “Every song on this EP is so different from the last – they each have their own very distinctive story to tell, and each represent a part of my personality that I don’t think I’ve sufficiently explored creatively. For the first time in a long time, I’m not thinking about how each song flows together, I’m not worried about what people will think… I just wanted to push myself and find the songs and sounds that I’ve always wanted to put out but never had the guts to.”

Betty Who’s latest single “Taste” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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