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Song of the Week: Jesse Saint John ‘FAKE IT’

You might not recognize Jesse Saint John‘s name, but you probably already know his superb work.

The talented Queer pop artist has already penned a bunch of tracks for our favorite pop stars, including Camila Cabello‘s “Something’s Gotta Give“, Charli XCX‘s “Secret (Shh),” Lauv‘s “Easy Love,” Betty Who‘s “Look Back” and most notably, Britney Spears‘ “Love Me Down” from Glory — oh yeah, and you’ve may have also heard his fiery debut single, “MOVE,” on the March edition of my Queer Necessities playlist for Billboard Pride.

But judging by his freshly released second serving “FAKE IT,” he’s about to have quite the pop career of his very own.

The instantly infectious Bleu-production sees Jesse searching for a bit of realism above heavy-hitting synths and distorted robo-voices: “With the car window up/ Going through the motion of emotion/ Fake it until we feel it,” he declares. “Passenger seatbelt stuck/ Going through the motion of emotion/ Fake it until we feel it.” It’s a solid second go, that’s for sure. I’m all in!

“‘FAKE IT’ continues the themes that I explore in my work of yearning for something more and searching for depth in a generation of shallow connections and instant gratification,” Jesse said in a statement. “Sonically I’m super inspired by fusing pop and bloghaus. It’s important to keep dancing while asking the tough universal questions. If you stop dancing life gets sad.”

Jesse Saint John’s new single “FAKE IT” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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