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Christina Aguilera Goes Back To Basics On Soul-Baring ‘Liberation’ Ballad, ‘Twice’!

Fresh off announcing her upcoming The Liberation Tour and duet performance for “Fall In Line” with Demi Lovato at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards later this month, Christina Aguilera has released another new song from her upcoming album Liberation: “Twice“!

Here’s the thing: Xtina‘s grand return to the music scene, “Accelerate,” is fine, but it’s not the most comeback-ready or awe-inspiring track of 2018, real talk. (It’s cool, but it’s certainly no “Dirrty” or “Your Body.”)

Twice,” however, is what I’m talking about: The “Telepathy” chanteuse is going Back To Basics on the emotional ballad. Yupp, “Twice” is another (refreshingly) restrained moment for Christina, allowing her emotionally charged powerhouse pipes to take the full spotlight on the track without drowning out the beautiful melodies with her exaggerated vocal runs. She’s always truly shined in ballad form, and “Twice” is no exception — the Stripped-back intro and outro, especially are chill-inducing moments.

How does it factor within the grand scheme of all Xtina ballads? It’s not as immediately memorable as “Hurt,”You Lost Me” or “Beautiful,” but it’s an undeniably gorgeous listen for true lovers of balladry – and it only gets better with each replay. Christina‘s still one of the best vocalists in the game, and this track is further proof of her true talent.

What’s clear is that we should expect the unexpected this time around, ya dig?

Christina Aguilera’s latest “Twice” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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