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Bonnie McKee Confronts The Noise On Hopeful New Single, ‘Mad Mad World’!

It’s a mad, mad world,” INDEED!

The last time we heard from this talented hit-making singer-songwriter, aside from her addictive Kygo collaboration “Ridiing Shotgun,” she was owning her multi-dimensions on 2017’s dark and enticing “Thorns.”

Things are a little different, in a variety of not-so-great ways, in 2018. Therefore it’s no surprise that Bonnie McKee‘s first 2018 offering called “Mad Mad World,” is a comforting, satisfying ode to hope – and perhaps her most relevant, political and impressive cut yet.

Wish that I could go somewhere the news is good/ And throw away my phone/ I, I don’t wanna look ’cause/ I don’t wanna know/ But I can’t ignore it now/ Baby, if I’m being honest/ I wish I could check out (don’t do it),” Bonnie declares before diving into the thumping chorus: “I need a vacation (don’t do it)/ I just need a break right now/ Get away, get away/ From a cold and crazy world/ I need a vacation/ ‘Cause it’s a mad, mad world.”

The song is an us-against-the-world pop anthem of sorts that doubles as projection, and it’s hardly accidental in these trying times as of late. Bonnie told Billboard that she wrote the track in the aftermath of the tragic Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting in October 2017. “When I went in to the studio after spending the last few days glued to the news, hearing about this terrifying shooting, especially because it was a music-related incident, it was impossible for me not to address it. There was no way for me to sit down and write a sparkly pop song that day. I was deeply disturbed and needed to express that.”

“We all have a responsibility now, more than ever, to pay attention, stand up, and do something about it,” Bonnie added. “It’s hard to find a balance of staying plugged in and informed, and protecting your own psyche in a toxic world.” She’s doing the LAWD’s work – BLESS!

Bonnie McKee’s new single “Mad Mad World” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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