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Charlie Puth Leaves His Insecurities Behind On New ‘Voicenotes’ Single, ‘The Way I Am’!

“ATTENTION”: Charlie Puth is done caring about what you think of him!

We’ve had the great privilege of hearing almost half of Charlie‘s anticipated sophomore album, Voicenotes, at this point – and luckily, we’ve yet to hear a single dud. From his hits “Attention” and “How Long” to “If You Leave Me Now” with Boyz II Men to the James Taylor assisted “Change” and most recently, “Done for Me” featuring Kehlani, Charlie‘s been consistent!

Before the album finally arrives in full on May 11, Charlie has decided to give us one more glimpse into the 13-track LP with “The Way I Am,” a coming-of-age anthem of sorts that depicts his road to becoming confident with himself. “Maybe I’ma get a little anxious/ Maybe I’ma get a little shy/ ‘Cause everybody’s trying to be famous/ And I’m just trying to find a place to hide,” Charlie admits across the guitar-driven strut, which brings to mind “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson.

The song is probably the most personal, introspective, autobiographical track we’ve heard from him yet as he leaves his emotions bare and reminds us through his lyrics that he still faces self-doubt, insecurities and anxieties just like the rest of us. “I’ma tell ’em all/ I’ma tell ’em all that you could either hate me or love me/ But that’s just the way I am,” Charlie chants on the chorus.

There’s nothing more that I love than a self-aware pop star. Bravo, Charlie!

Charlie Puth’s new single “The Way I Am” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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