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CYN Returns With Another Infectious Throb, ‘Believer’!

At the tail end of last year, a promising young pop princess from Michigan, CYN (born Cynthia Nabozny), caught my attention with her killer debut singles: “Together” and “Only With You.” She kept the pulsations coming recently with the unapologetic “Alright” in March.

Opting for a less immediately pop-centered approach, the Katy Perry-signee has returned this month with a sensual and shadowy shiver for the dance floor called “Believer,” a misty offering of euphoric vocals and minimal pulsations.

According to CYN, the song was inspired by heartbreak: “The song ultimately represents the struggle of believing in a love that could last after experiencing one with a surprise ending,” CYN told Billboard. “I think hearing someone sing, ‘There must be something in the air that ‘I’m not breathing/ I am just a jaded girl/ I feel unloveable,’ because of a love gone wrong is actually quite heartbreaking.”

“I would love for a fan to take away the comfort in knowing that falling out of love can be a normal experience and that questioning our ability to love and accept love is something everyone goes through,” CYN continued.

The end result is something dark, dreamy and tenderly crafted. I LOVE!

CYN’s new single “Believer” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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