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Kylie Minogue Makes Slight Return To Form On Joyous ‘Golden’ Cut, ‘Raining Glitter’!

The Legendary Miss Kylie Minogue raised our collective eyebrows with something a little more country on her lead single “Dancing” and then promptly kept the sonic theme going on the wonderfully cheesy, “Stop Me From Falling,” but in her next Golden move, she’s bringing us right back to the (gay) club. Whoop!

That’s right: Classic Kylie is back, kind of, on “Raining Glitter,” the next instant grat track from her forthcoming album Golden, due out on April 6. The cut keeps the banjos still intact, but this time around, infuses them with a glittering disco-pop synth pulse — it’s surely one of her most full-on euro-pop moments we’ve received this era so far.

The rollicking track was co-produced by Mark Taylor (the producer behind Cher‘s “Believe“) and Eg White. The latter previously worked with Kylie on X standout, “Cosmic,” so naturally, the song sees Kylie channeling a bit of that magic. “Raining glitter down on us tonight/ Covering us all in magic/ Never ever seen them stars so bright/ As the look in your eyes,” she joyously chants.

For fans feeling concerned that Golden would be an entirely country mood, fear not: Kylie sees you, and she still wants to please with you. It’s a celebration: “Everybody put your hands up to the sky/ And let it rain!

To coincide with the new promo release, Kylie‘s also dropped the official music video for “Stop Me From Falling” – Watch below!

Kylie’s latest single “Raining Glitter” is also available on Spotify and Apple Music!

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