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‘YES’: Louisa Johnson Drops Her Certified Game Changer!

Ring the alarm: Louisa Johnson is back at it again – and she ain’t playing ’round no more.

After giving us a taste of her “Best Behaviour” exactly one year ago (which was featured on our list of Top Singles of 2017), the 20-year-old season twelve X Factor UK winner has just threw down the official lead single off her upcoming debut album, and “YES,” it’s just Louisa if you’re nasty now…

Kicking off with an earth-shaking alarm as if to say, “You ready bitches?!?” – just the way a comeback single (of sorts) should. “YES” is the natural, unapologetically sexed-up pop evolution from “Best Behaviour“: It features 2 Chainz, was written by Camille Purcell (Little Mix, The Script) alongside Bully (Chainsmokers, Galantis), and was produced by Chris Loco, Goldfingers and Matt Rad.

The track is a electrifying burst of energy, full of hip-shaking, strut-ready beats, sassy come-ons and one hell of a smash-ah of a chorus: “Come on, put your hands up/ Here with all my friends, yup/ We about to get this started (Yes)/ If you know you can’t stop and you know you won’t stop/ Take it to the after party (Yes),” Louisa demands.

Vocally, there’s an undeniable Christina Aguilera influence about “YES” throughout; and iconic-ally enough the verses have a feeling to them that sort-of recalls her hit “Dirrty,” while the chorus has a hint of “Express (Burlesque)” to it. So yes, “YES,” is an absolute YESSSS!!!

“When I had that first conversation with Camille I said: ‘I want something that makes feel good.’ I’m all about loving yourself and respecting yourself and appreciating yourself,” Louisa told PopJustice. “It’s a mixture of everything. I mean, it just makes me feel fucking great when I listen to it. It’s a big celebration of feeling good with a bit of girl power thrown in.”

Louisa’s new single “YES” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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