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‘Let It Be’: Hayley Kiyoko’s Dreamy Final Teaser Off Debut LP ‘Expectations’!

The time is now to start paying attention to rising singer-songwriter Hayley Kiyoko if you haven’t been already y’all!

After bursting onto the music scene with EP after EP over the past six years – 2013’s A Belle to Remember, 2015’s This Side of Paradise and 2016’s Citrine, the out and proud singer-songwriter-actress is finally readying her full-length debut, Expectations, for a March 30th release. That’s in just two weeks kids!

With the anticipated release of Expectations just around the corner, Hayley‘s decided to release a brand new song: “Let It Be,” the final promotional single following “Sleepover,” “Feelings” and “Curious.”

The dreamy power ballad sees the songstress ditching the high-octane dance beats of her previous singles in favor of some delicate, synth melodies and a slow-staggering electro-pop pulse. “Cause I believe we’re the ones who had it all/ I believe we just had to learn to fall/ I miss you, I love you, so it’s really hard to see/ Yeah, we just got to let it be…,” Hayley croons above the spacey atmospherics, in what is surely one of her most intimate and personal recordings yet.

It’s beautiful, heartfelt, and in typical Hayley fashion, unapologetically honest.

Hayley Kiyoko’s latest “Let It Be” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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