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MNEK Serves Up A Proper Pop Star Moment In Epic ‘Tongue’ Music Video!

In case you weren’t paying attention last week, MNEK‘s new single “Tongue” is a bonafide, next-level banger.

The seductive, shape-shifting love anthem has already been on heavy rotation every since it dropped, so it’s no surprise that the just released accompanying music video is a just as epic and next-level, too.

In the chic Bradley & Pablo-directed clip, we see MNEK taking full control of the spotlight as he directly and unapologetically makes eyes across the dinner table at another man before severing up some fierce, vogue-heavy (“I’m so into voguing right now“) choreography with his dance troupe every time the chorus drops. It’s a fitting setting for the track and I absolutely loved seeing MNEK embracing his sexuality like never before. It’s a moment, it’s a vibe, it’s an artist fully coming into their own.

“There’s an underlying sense with ‘Tongue‘ that… it’s really… it’s real,” MNEK told Noisey. “I mean that in the sense that now I’m not afraid to touch on relationships and on my sexuality in my videos. I feel as though it’s an important thing to put into my visuals, because those are the main source of visual content that I have. There are only so many interviews I’m going to do, there are only so many TV appearances I’m going to have. My visual medium is my videos, and I’ve got to feel as though I can put my truth in that.”

MNEK’s new single “Tongue” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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