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Kylie Minogue Continues Her Foray Into Country Dance-Pop On ‘Stop Me From Falling’!

Should’ve seen the warning signs“: Kylie Minogue is fully diving into the “country-music babe” fantasy y’all!

After getting things started with “Dancing” back in January, the beloved Australian diva is right back at it with a second country-pop offering from her upcoming album Golden, due out worldwide on April 6th.

That’s right, she’s swerved right back into line-dancing territory, spreading her glittery joy across the lovey-dovey, Sky Adams-produced “Stop Me From Falling” – and it’s every bit as unsettling, cute and catchy as the first go-round.

Should’ve seen the warning signs/ Now we’re running out of time/ Kinda want to cross the line/ Stop me from falling,” Kylie chants on the sing-along-ready chorus across an array of hand-claps, banjos, strings, infectious acoustics and shimmering synths. “For youuuuu/ Stop me from falling.”

So yes, the country thing is indeed full-on this era, but to say that this doesn’t feel like a Kylie song would be a lie: “Stop Me From Falling” feels euphoric, sparkly and sweet like the bulk of her discography – and that chorus has got her signature stamp all over it.

I get that this may not be what most of us wanted from Kylie, but this is where we are right now so just get used to it. She’s happy, she’s living, she’s a country-music babe y’all.

Kylie Minogue’s latest “Stop Me From Falling” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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  • Cunty McCuntchops

    Not what most people want?? So you mean people don’t want another stellar tune?
    Considering the vapid and lacklustre efforts on Kiss Me Once, I would say Golden is shaping up to be exactly what most people want – a cohesive & thoughtful album for once.

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