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FLETCHER Debuts Timely #MeToo-Inspired Anthem, ‘I Believe You’!

We’re living in trying times, but I don’t need to tell you that.

Music is, and will always be, an essential refuge, and today (March 9), singer-songwriter FLETCHER has provided some vital support with her Time’s Up and #MeToo-inspired single, “I Believe You“! That title alone just about says it all, no?

After releasing her lush break-up anthem “You Should Talk” back in September, FLETCHER sneaks back into the spotlight with the brilliant and shimmering “I Believe You,” a rallying message of solidarity directed to any woman who has been a victim of sexual assault.

“This song is for all of the amazing women I work with every day who have been felt up, shut up and kicked down. And for all the women whose stories I haven’t heard, this song was made to let them know that I’m listening, we all are,” FLETCHER said in an open letter. “For weeks, I had been trying to write this and just couldn’t find the right way to do it. After hundreds of lyric ideas on my iPhone and various voice memos with different co-writers, it wasn’t until I talked for hours with my co-writer Lauren Aquilina that I felt our story of strength and solidarity was heard. Time’s up. No more inequality that incites violence, and no more silence.”

The result is chilly, sublime synth-pop empowerment. Proceeds from sales of the track will be donated to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund. Listen to the powerful single and read the rest of her open letter here!

FLETCHER’s new single “I Believe You” is also available on Apple Music now!

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