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CYN Continues To Impress On Unapologetic New Single, ‘Alright’!

We named CYN as “One To Watch” last year based on the strength of her superb debut singles “Together” and “Only With You,” and now, she’s back with another winning slice of pop: “Alright,” a liberating anthem that simmers in playfully flirty, electro-pop beats.

Unlike her love-obsessed predecessors, this one’s all about being broken down, but rising above in spite of everything — a self-empowerment anthem, if you will, loaded with the same kind of quirky sincerity we’ve come to expect from the Katy Perry-signee.

We didn’t crack under the pressure/ Yeah, we made it OK/ See, we came here from some nowhere and we came here to play/ No need to talk about it, think about it/ It’s all meant to be/ Yeah, we’re alright/ A-alright/ We turned out alright (Ah, ah),” she declares over the infectious pulsations.

CYN is three for three at this point. Is there no end to this? I sure hope not – GET FAMILIAR!

“I very much felt like outsider in most of my classes and I very much felt like my teachers were always trying to smooth me out,” CYN told i-D. “The pressure to be poised and soft spoken was so heavy, but I think I did a good job at pushing back and anyway, I turned out alright!”

CYN’s latest single “Alright” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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